1947 Church History and Modern Revelation

The 1947 Course of Study for the Melchizedek Priesthood Quorums of the Church was the first of four volumes called Church History and Modern Revelation which were all written by Elder Joseph Fielding Smith and "Published by The Council of the Twelve Apostles." Lesson twenty-nine contains this paragraph:

"When Isaiah said the earth should 'fall and not rise again,' the interpretation is that it should not be restored to the same mortal or temporal condition. When the earth passes away and is dissolved it will pass through a similar condition which the human body does in death, but like the human body so shall the earth itself be restored in the resurrection and become a celestial body, through the mercy and mission of Jesus Christ. This reference to a new heaven and earth, spoken of in Section 29:22-23, and 77:1-2, is not the same as that spoken of by Isaiah in chapter 65:17. The 'new heavens and new earth' referred to in this scripture, and also in Section 101:23-31, had reference to the change which shall come to the earth and all upon it, at the beginning of the Millennial reign, as we declare in the tenth article of the Articles of Faith. This is the renewed earth when it shall receive its paradisiacal glory, or be restored as it was before the fall of man. (See Compendium, art, 'Millennial Reign,' p. 202.)"