It's just plain silly to believe there was no death before the Fall.

Recent pronouncements by the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve trump all the sources mentioned in this article.

While some general authorities have written books opposing evolution, that approach has changed in the last few years. This piece below from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism attributed to Prof. Evenson was actually heavily edited by President Hinckley and his counsellors:

See article on evolution by Evenson, William E. in the Encyclopedia of Mormonism.

From William E. Evenson*

"Because of a fairly broad science background as a physics professsor with research interests in evolutionary biology, I was asked to write the article on evolution for the Encyclopedia of Mormonism. This article went through a long process of refinement and review. It was originally to be 1,000 words long, then was revised to 2,500 words, to 3,000 words, and to 4,500 words. Finally, in the spring of 1991, the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve reviewed my last two versions, and a more antievolutionary revision of my article by someone else connected with the Encyclopedia. The Brethren decided that they wanted only a short article referring to the First Presidency statements on this subject, which are the only definitive source of Church doctrine. The resulting entry in the Encyclopedia is only 258 words long...

*Willian E. Evenson is professor of physics at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. This essay is adapted from a sacrament meeting talk he delivered at the Pasadena Second Ward on 10 April 1994."

This is from the chapter entitled "LDS Doctrine and the Theory of Evolution" in the book "Can Science Be Faith-Promoting?" by Dr. Sterling B. Talmage, Blue Ribbon Books, Salt Lake City, 2001.

You will note that the earlier First Presidency stated, "The scriptures tell why man was created, but they do not tell how. . .

Note also the views of one of my FairMormon colleagues, Greg Smith in:


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to R. Gary:

1) It is clear from the record which I presented that the First Presidency and Council of the Twelve after a fair amount of deliberation has indicated that there is no doctrinal reason why Latter-day Saints should not believe in evolution.

2) Everyone should be conversant with the First Presidency's mode of disseminating their views. Rarely do they affix their signatures or even their names on materials. For example take a look at the nine new doctrinal essays on lds.org. The First Presidency agreed to every word but their names or not to be found there. In the case of evolution they heavily edited the article on evolution above the name of Dean Evanson in the Encyclopedia of Mormonism.

3)By publishing false and misleading information, I fear that your website is undermining the faith of Saints.

Ken Kyle