Wednesday, November 7, 2012
(for context, see my November 4th blog post here.)


There are several items in your recent comments to which I'll respond.  Your words will be in blue and my words will be in red.

DB:  Then what is it about J. Stapley's post that you disagree with?

R. Gary:  See my comment here. It is the very first comment in this thread.

DB:  " '...not in violation of natural law but in accordance with a higher manifestation thereof...' is a statement written by Elder Talmage. Why would we need an interpretation given by today's authorized servants for it to be any of our business?"

R. Gary:  Today's authorized servants have endorsed the Talmage explanation without comment. Therefore, the words "higher manifestation" stand. Jesus is God's Son, born of the virgin Mary. His birth happened in accordance with a higher manifestation of natural law, not in violation of natural law. No further interpretation of "higher manifestation" has been given, therefore neither you, nor I, nor J. Stapley has authority to interpret Talmage for the world. Speculate privately if you wish, but don't publish your speculations without labeling them as such.

DB:  "Are you saying that we shouldn't try to understand the meaning of past church leader's teachings unless a current church leader tells us what it means?"

R. Gary:  This post is about what the Church teaches. The Church is not defined by everything anyone in authority has said since 1830. The Church is defined by what is right now being published by today's apostles and prophets. Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage is right now being published by today's apostles and prophets.

DB:  It's none of our business what a past apostle taught unless a current apostle tells us what that past apostle meant?

R. Gary:  It's none of our business to decide for ourselves what the words "higher manifestation" mean in this context. Study past apostles if you wish, just don't assume their words define the Church. You have no business using past apostles to go beyond or contradict what current apostles publish.

DB: This isn't even scripture you're writing about and we are encouraged to study, ponder, and pray about the meanings of scriptures.

R. Gary:  When you study, ponder, and pray about scripture, the conclusions you make do not apply to me, and they do not apply to the entire Church.

DB:  I'm sorry, but I completely disagree with your opinion it's none of our business to understand what the apostles and the scriptures have taught.

R. Gary:  You misrepresent my opinion. It's none of our business to tell the world what the apostles and scriptures mean unless today's apostles and prophets have explained it that way to the world.

I wish you the best.